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ChatWrap Series amp case by Silver Kite creates a usable and protective solution for individuals using iPad® or iPad mini™ as an AAC option. The rubber boot and shell provide the protection while the Bluetooth amp delivers high quality speech output for the user. There are two amps to choose from, our handle amp provides optimal portability, while the hinged amp (includes flexible handle) offers flexible positioning when used as a stand. If color is a priority then choose our color kit giving you five additional colors. ( iPad® not included.)


  • Case design ensures all features and functions of iPad® are accessible, including microphone, speaker, headphone jack, camera, and connector port
  • Durable rubber boot and shell provide protection against drops
  • Amp connects via Bluetooth
  • iOS 7 Switch Control
  • Choose between two amp options (Handle or Hinged)
  • 1 year warranty (Chatwrap only)


 AudioiOS7 Switch Control
iPad Air® 2 Yes


iPad Air® 1 Not compatible Not compatible
iPad® (4th generation) w/ Retina® Display Yes Yes
iPad® 3 Yes Yes
iPad mini™ Yes Yes
iPad® 2 Yes Yes
iPad® (1st generation) Not compatible Not compatible


  • Keyguards (including an 84 location that would be compatible with Words for Life)
  • Wheelchair Mounting Plate (will not work with hinged amp)
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Waist Belt
  • Color Shells
  • Stand (Handle Amp Only)
    Note: Accessories are sold separately

Available From the Silver-Kite Store

ChatWrap for iPad®  ChatWrap for iPad mini™  ChatWrap for iPad Air® 2

Product Photos

  • ChatWrap Group
  • Handle Amplifier
  • Hinged Amplifier (Down)
  • Hinged Amplifier (Up)
  • hinged w/ handle