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iShare Service

iShare is a subscription that gives a TouchChat device access to a large server, through the wireless connection on the iPod®, iPhone®, or iPad®. You are given access to a private section that only you can access. This is where you can store your personal files. 

Note: Each device that participates in iShare must have a connection to a wireless network.

 6 months1 year
Individual 2GB Subscription US$59.99 + tax US$119.99 + tax
Team 30GB Subscription US$119.99 + tax US$239.99 + tax

* The only difference between Individual and Team subscriptions is the amount of storage. One account login is tied to each account. A team is required to share the login information for their account.

A subscription to iShare is purchased as in-App purchase from the TouchChat application.  Learn more about making an in-app purchase.


  • iShare Service
  • iShare Service
  • i share
  • i share