• Poetry by AAC device user Darryl Porter

    Nova Chat and TouchChat

    What's worst thing to a soul;

    Be silent; that's like a voice is in a prison.

    The gifts Nova Chat and TouchChat HD have come;

    Gave angelic voice to silent souls.

    It's like the sweetest sound of the Earth.

    Set their thoughts free; gifts put their thoughts

    Into words. Their words could be inspiring to souls.

    The NovaChat and TouchChat have expanded Soul's world.

  • What's New in TouchChat 2.5.0?

    TouchChat 2.5.0 was released over the weekend with the following features:

    - New WordPower 48 Español Basic vocab file
    - New WordPower 108 with Keyboard vocab file
    - Button Navigation icons (arrows) can now be hidden
    - Page load performance has been improved

    To update your TouchChat App from the device, tap on App Store > Updates.  Find TouchChat under the available updates and tap Update.

    Be sure to update your Chat Editor as well.  Open Chat Editor and click on Help > Check Online for New Version.  When prompted, download and install Chat Editor 2.5.

  • What's new in TouchChat version 2.4.0?

    TouchChat 2.4.0 was released over the weekend with the following features:

    - Aphasia vocabulary added (English)
    - All English and Spanish vocabulary files updated
    - Additional symbols and symbol categories 
    - Take a Photo action now saves photo to user's photos
    - Word Finder updated for more accurate search results
    - Improved Hebrew TTS and dictionary updated
    - Improved symbol browsing performance
    - Miscellaneous bugs fixed
    - Stability improvements
    - Performance improvements

  • TouchChat 2.3.0 is here!

    TouchChat 2.3.0 was released today with the following new features:

     - WordPower 60 Basic was added to the WordPower files
     - iPad Pro is now supported at full screen resolution
     - User can now save/load profiles in the Settings menu
     - Menu passcode now available in Settings to lock user out of the TouchChat Menu
     - Miscellaneous bugs have been fixed

  • TouchChat 2.2.1 update released!

    New Features:

    • Acapela Vocal Smileys – Acapela-Group has added the capability of using Voice Sounds and Exclamations to their voices. See How to use Acapela Vocal Smileys on TouchChat Support Site for further help with this feature.

    New Chat Editor Features:

    • Chat Fusion was added
    • A Rotating option for imported images has been added