Guest Post by AAC device user Darryl Porter

Mar 07, 2017 in General

The NovaChat and TouchChat are tools to help the communication skills for a non-speaker. I started AAC devices in the early 80's. My mother designed communication charts and taught me to communicate.

I started speech therapy at schools. My brothers understood me without a communication chart. I love to mess with people's minds with communication devices when I answer the phone. (That's so rare that I answer the phone.)

They thought I couldn't understand, and tried to talk over my head. I shocked the people; show them I can understand them.

My schools let me use the communication devices in 80's. Some devices were okay, few devices were almost perfect. My feeling about the NovaChat and TouchChat is they are best of devices. The NovaChat is like a Lamborghini, and there was device (in the 80's) like a Rolls Royce Phantom. It was the Epson Hx 20 SpeechPac.