• TouchChat 2.12.0 released

    TouchChat 2.12.0 has been released. Make sure to update both your TouchChat App and your Chat Editor so that the versions match.

    New/Updated Features:

    • Now includes ability to play YouTube videos
    • Updated WordPower files, 80 location reworked (see changes below)
    • Rebranding of TouchChat icons in App Store (See below for new icons)
    • Canadian French changes in prompts
    • Added maps of UK and Spanish areas to library

    WP 80 changes

    • Category links now appear on the top row, and word prediction keys appear automatically when spelling is initiated, thus allowing for more core words
    • Programming uses modifiers rather than pages
    • Category pages modified slightly to align with main page




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  • TouchChat 2.11.0 released

    TouchChat 2.11.0 has been released. Make sure to update both your TouchChat App and your Chat Editor so that the versions match.

    New/Updated Features:

    • Updated VocalID speech engine
    • Vocabulary files have been updated
    • Navigation actions are now automatically linked to created pages in Edit Mode
    • Miscellaneous bugs fixed


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  • iShare Public and Group Files

    It has come to our attention that some of our customers did not fully understand the difference between the personal and public folders within iShare. This led to some customers unintentionally posting files they thought were private into public folders accessible by other customers. We take the privacy of our customers very seriously and therefore have taken steps to remedy this situation. Effective immediately, we have removed all files from the Public folders. If you had files posted in any of the public folders, they have been moved to your private folder (My Files).

    A preventative measure has also been put into place when you upload files. If you choose to upload a file to a Public or Group folder on or within the TouchChat 2.10.0 software, a warning has been added letting you know that it is a public folder accessible by other customers. This is to ensure only files intended to be made public will be posted in the Public Folders.

    To clear up any prior confusion, anything posted in ANY of the folders besides "My Files" is considered public and can be viewed and downloaded by other iShare users. If you wish for a file to remain private, please only use the "My Files" folder. Public folders include the following: Public Files, iShare Users, WordPower, Essence, Talk About, Hebrew, Pixon, and Gateway.

    If you would truly like for your file to be public in order to share with other iShare users, please first remove ALL personal information. If you are using ( ), you can edit the file and change the type back to Public or Group. If you are accessing iShare within the TouchChat App, you would need to re-upload your file to the appropriate public folder.

    We are very sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. If you have further questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact us at

  • TouchChat 50% off October 4-6 for AAC Awareness Month

    For the first time ever, the TouchChat app is going to be offered 50% off for 3 days only to celebrate AAC Awareness Month!  The discount will be valid Wednesday, October 4th through Friday, October 6th.

    This promotion includes all TouchChat apps worldwide (except Classic TouchChat). However, the discount does NOT apply to in-app purchases.

    To purchase TouchChat in the App Store:  simply go to the App Store, search for TouchChat App, make the appropriate selection (make sure it shows up as 1/2 off), and purchase using your Apple ID.

    To purchase Touchchat using a Purchase Order:  Purchase orders need to be dated October 4, 5, or 6 and they need to be received  by us through email ( or fax (330-674-6726) on October 4, 5, or 6.  Any P.O.'s received outside of these dates will not honor the discounted purchase price.  NO Purchase Orders will be accepted by any means outside of fax or email.  Purchase Order pricing will include tax. 

    Purchase Order pricing is 

    $82.50--TouchChat HD app

    $165—TouchChat HD with WordPower app

    Note: The discount % is based on the US App Store. Exact prices may vary in other countries.

  • iTunes┬« 12.7 & iPhone┬« X compatibility issues

    In lieu of the announcements made by Apple® earlier this week, we wanted to clear up a couple of current issues.  With the release of iTunes® 12.7, Apple has chosen to remove the App Store® from iTunes.  What does this mean for you?  The ability to backup and restore content, as well as iTunes file sharing are still available. However, this update creates an issue for the dedicated TouchChat Express. Currently, users with a dedicated TouchChat Express can update the app on their device by connecting a USB cable to a computer running iTunes. With iTunes 12.7, this is no longer possible. This means that users that do not have internet access on their device will be unable to update their TouchChat app once they upgrade their version of iTunes to 12.7.

    The second issue is that TouchChat is not currently compatible with the iPhone® X.

    We understand that both of these issues are frustrating, but please know that we are working diligently to find appropriate solutions.  Thanks for your patience!