Perspectives with TouchChat- Guest Post by AAC user Darryl Porter

Jun 14, 2017 in General

People need to be shocked into change. Some people think all non-speech people can't understand things. Some were shocked by a non-speech person who uses a communication device. That made them into fools; their world needs to be shaken up. Maybe it could change their perspective on disabled people, especially non-speech people. I have done this with people many times. Especially when I answered the phone; I could tell people were shocked by their voice. They got a shocked look and it brought a smile to my face.

Sometimes situations came up where I have needed to use communication devices. Some situations need me to prove I can understand. I have used many communication systems; some communication systems are great and some are bad. TouchChat is one of the best communication systems. Communication systems are speech applications for non-speech persons.

I'm working at home mostly but I have many meetings; I have to use my communication devices. I have a meeting with my personal aide on Mondays to make a schedule for the week and updates. I have meetings with my caseworker as well.