TouchChat 2.6 update has been released!

Feb 17, 2017 in General

TouchChat 2.6.0 was released earlier this week with the following features:

New features:

  • A new WordPower file has been added.
  • WordPower 25 Touch & Scan with Keyboard is a vocabulary consisting of high frequency core words, spelling and word prediction.  With the keyboard on the main page, the communicator moves seamlessly between words and spelling, thus minimizing keystrokes and the need for navigation.  Common core words are embedded within the category pages in order to assist in bridging the gap between core and fringe vocabulary.
  • WordPower 24, WordPower 24 w/ phrases & WordPower 30 have been removed, but are still available to download here
  • WordPower files updated with voice command devices & other misc. items
  • Voice command device pages added to MultiChat15 vocabularies
  • Smart Period (handles words from word predictor or from buttons
  • Added iShare Privacy Policy link from iShare login page of app (for customers who need it prior to use)
TouchChat 2.6 update addresses:
  • Back button matches a navgiate back button action
  • TouchChat is back in pronunciation dictionary
  • Word Prediction dictionary clean up

To update your TouchChat App from the device, tap on App Store > Updates. Find TouchChat under the available updates and tap Update.

Be sure to update your Chat Editor as well. Open Chat Editor and click on Help > Check Online for New Version. When prompted, download and install Chat Editor 2.6.