TouchChat 2.8.0 released

Jul 06, 2017 in General

TouchChat 2.8.0 has been released this week. Make sure to update not only your TouchChat App, but also your Chat Editor so that the versions match.

New/Updated Features:

- Arabic language now supported

- Arabic vocabulary files and voice may be added through an in-app purchase

- Adds support for new iPad Pro models

- Resolves issue with word prediction keys on system keyboard

- Corrects problem that caused settings switches to be difficult to change

- WordPower vocabulary files have been updated

  • Category page links on the GROUPS page now appear in orange (Fitzgerald key orange for nouns)
  • 60-Basic Files:
    • SNACKS pages now has two pages rather than just one
    • Beginning numbers page with numbers in a line
    • –ly now available following DESCRIBING words