• Perspectives with TouchChat- Guest Post by AAC user Darryl Porter

    People need to be shocked into change. Some people think all non-speech people can't understand things. Some were shocked by a non-speech person who uses a communication device. That made them into fools; their world needs to be shaken up. Maybe it could change their perspective on disabled people, especially non-speech people. I have done this with people many times. Especially when I answered the phone; I could tell people were shocked by their voice. They got a shocked look and it brought a smile to my face.

    Sometimes situations came up where I have needed to use communication devices. Some situations need me to prove I can understand. I have used many communication systems; some communication systems are great and some are bad. TouchChat is one of the best communication systems. Communication systems are speech applications for non-speech persons.

    I'm working at home mostly but I have many meetings; I have to use my communication devices. I have a meeting with my personal aide on Mondays to make a schedule for the week and updates. I have meetings with my caseworker as well.

  • Designed for Meera P. by AppleĀ®

    Have you seen the new Apple® ad, "Designed for Meera P." by Apple®?  Meera is a teenager who loves soccer and jokes. She uses TouchChat on an iPad® to talk with her friends and family, and deliver the occasional one-liner.  Check it out here.

  • National Center for Missing and Exploited Children First Responder TouchChat Pages

    The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) has put together a training for kids with autism in being aware of dangers associated with wandering off and how to respond when they are in danger.  Watch their video of the first training in Florida.  

    To go along with the training, TouchChat and News-2-You have teamed up to create SymbolStix vocabulary pages to support the project by NCMEC entitled, "How to Host a Sensory Friendly First Responder Event for Children with Autism". The vocabulary pages are communication solutions for children who have difficulty using their natural voice. They are available to download for free from the upgrade menu inside the TouchChat app.

    For more information about the project, please visit

  • TouchChat 2.6.1 maintenance release

    A TouchChat maintenance release, 2.6.1, was released this week.

    This release corrects two items:

    • Resolves issue where in-app purchase vocabulary files were not retained
    • Improves button drag and drop on iPhone® and iPod®; this has to do with the red frame appearing when trying to choose a button to Edit on the phone
  • Guest Post by AAC device user Darryl Porter

    The NovaChat and TouchChat are tools to help the communication skills for a non-speaker. I started AAC devices in the early 80's. My mother designed communication charts and taught me to communicate.

    I started speech therapy at schools. My brothers understood me without a communication chart. I love to mess with people's minds with communication devices when I answer the phone. (That's so rare that I answer the phone.)

    They thought I couldn't understand, and tried to talk over my head. I shocked the people; show them I can understand them.

    My schools let me use the communication devices in 80's. Some devices were okay, few devices were almost perfect. My feeling about the NovaChat and TouchChat is they are best of devices. The NovaChat is like a Lamborghini, and there was device (in the 80's) like a Rolls Royce Phantom. It was the Epson Hx 20 SpeechPac.