We have teamed up with News-2-You to bring weekly pages for TouchChat. The weekly newspapers from News-2-You improve communication through fun and educational activities for individuals of all ages and abilities. Subscribers of News-2-You will find that the individual can participate in all of these activities using these pre-made pages within TouchChat, as well as participate in conversations with peers and family on the latest topics. You can download weekly pages for TouchChat to complement the News-2-You curriculum!

Notes:  This is a one-time purchase. Up to 10 devices may be added to a single subscription using the same account.

1. Once you have purchased News-2-You from the upgrade store, tap Vocab- Choose New Vocab- Menu- News-2-You.

2. First Time Users: Before you download weekly N2Y pages to your device, you will want to download the N2Y Main (Starter) page.  This page will serve as a navigation page and will only need to be downloaded once. NOTE: If your student is using the MultiChat15 Student, this News-2-You Main Page is already included under “My News”> “N2Y” and you may skip to step 3.

3. Choose the appropriate file (18, 24 or 42 location) under the topic you wish to download and tap Download.

4.  The pages will appear in your vocabulary list under News-2-You.  You can use the pages with or without the N2Y Main (Starter) page.  If you would like to use it without the starter page, simply tap the appropriate file to open it.  If you would like to use it with the starter page, follow the directions in Step 5.

5.  Creating a Button in the Vocabulary File to Navigate to the N2Y Main Page (Must follow Step 2 above first)

       • Press and hold on the button you would like to navigate to your N2Y Main Page (Must be in edit mode)

       • Choose Edit button

       • Type News-2-You in the Label box

       • Search for a symbol if desired (choose “Find” under the Image area)

       • Type “news” in the search box, then tap search

       • Tap the symbol you want to use

       • Tap the Actions tab

       • Find Navigate in the pull down list

       • Choose the N2Y 18, 24 or 42 Location Main Page (whichever one you downloaded from the website) and OK

       • Press Save to save your button

       • Test the modified button to make sure it navigates to your N2Y Main Page

You are now ready to import N2Y pages each week! Each of the blank buttons will be set to navigate to the next week’s news topic.