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Important Highlights of iOS 12 for AAC apps

Sep 17, 2018 in General

With iOS 12 coming out today, we wanted to update you on some features we think might be useful for our AAC app customers.

In Settings, you will find an option called Screen Time.

  1.  Screen time:  This feature gives users the ability to see what applications have been used and how long they were used. This can be seen in a “daily” or “weekly” format.
    1.  Downtime
      This feature lets you set a time frame to prevent all applications from being used, with the exception of “approved applications”. The icons for those not approved would be “DARKENED” and an hourglass appears beside the name. Tapping on the icon gives you a “time limit reached” screen, but gives you the option ignore the limit, then set a reminder in 15 minutes or ignore the limit for today. You must enter the screen time passcode to do so.
    2.  Always Allowed
      This allows you to choose the applications that can still function with any downtime setting on.
    3.  App Limits
      This feature allows you to set a day & time limit on an app category. For example, you could set a time frame for “games” and any app that is in the category of “games” can only be played for the time limit that was set. You will receive a notification with 5 minutes remaining. Once the time limit has been reached, the game will be blocked until midnight, which is when the limits will be reset.
    4.  Content & Privacy Restrictions (Previously Restrictions)
      This is the setting where certain restrictions can be applied. This varies from what purchases can be made, to options like “do not disturb” while driving.
  2. Use screen time passcode: You can set a screen time passcode to prevent others from making changes to all of the above features. If this is set, users will not be able to make any changes or adjust any limits until the correct passcode is entered.