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It's Time to Update to 2.29!

Jan 28, 2021 in General

The 2.29 TouchChat® release is here with cool new features, vocabulary updates, and bug fixes. Here's what you'll find in the latest update:

• New Gradient Fill setting allows you to adjust the way the button looks
• Two new apps, Visual Timer and WhatsApp , are now available in the "Open  App" button action
• An option to create random skin tones through a copied SymbolStix® vocabulary has been added
• New warning message will appear when deleting a vocabulary; tap "Continue" to permanently delete the vocabulary
• PCS symbols:

  • In 2.29 release, PCS default files are updated to reflect diverse skin tones
  • If you have purchased PCS symbols before this update, you will need to update PCS in the upgrade store

WordPower Vocabulary Updates
• Basic files have additional places added to the second page
• Fun sounds have been added to the Spanish Básico file
• Added missing pronoun form "on" to recently introduced WordPower français

Bug Fixes
• Corrected issue with importing multiple pages
• Vocal ID voice no longer crashes app
• Corrected Spanish translation in Settings
• VoiceKeeper payment process now more user-friendly
• Improved button fonts when in split view
• Improved Saltillo registration screen
• Corrected issue with word & character prediction statement in other languages
• Fixed issue with split screen not drawing correctly
• System keyboard will now allow you to start a word with the same letter as the previous word
• Fixed issue with head tracking not working on an iPhone
• “Play recorded sound” button action no longer crashes app 

Check out our video for more information and demonstrations!