TouchChat 2.23.0 released

Jan 21, 2020 in General

TouchChat 2.23.0 has been released. Make sure to update both your TouchChat App and your Chat Editor.

What's New:

- Added a “speak last word” button action

- Updated Acapela downloadable voices

- Added telephony support

This allows the AAC user to use TouchChat to speak with someone over FaceTime or the phone.  The audio will actually switch to an Apple voice (they can choose the voice in the settings) while they are on the call.  At this time, the user will not hear themselves speaking when they compose a sentence, but the user on the other end of the call will hear the audio output.

- Enabled Hebrew Apple voice in the App Store version of TouchChat Hebrew

Watch the What's New video to see the new features in action!

How do I update my app?