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TouchChat® by Saltillo Introduces the 2.27 Update!

Oct 02, 2020 in General

In this latest update from TouchChat, you won't want to miss the following cool new features. For more information and demonstrations of the following, be sure to check out our What's New video!

What apps/devices does this update apply to?

  • TouchChat App
  • TouchChat Express
  • The new Via™ Pro

Working with Pages

  • Update 2.27 adds a feature that allows you to create and designate pages to be a template or the home page.
  • You also have the option to add a new blank page from the menu option and then link it to your desired button.
  • You can determine which page you want to be your home page. Since the home page is the starting point for all of the words in your vocabulary, you cannot delete the home page. If you try to delete it, a message will advise you to set a different page as the home page.
  • If you try to edit a page layout and unassign the home page, you will be prompted with this message stating you need to select another page as your home page

Open Apps

  • When using the open app button action, you will find apps by the same developer are grouped together.
  • Step by step apps are now added to the open app options.

Readtopia Supports added to WordPower™42 & 60 Basic

What is Readtopia?
Readtopia is a special education curriculum designed for teachers working with older students. It is an integrated curriculum offering support across many domains – ELA, Math, Social Studies, Life Skills and Science.

  • Try it for free and take a video tour of the curriculum where you can explore entire units that feature a wide variety of materials. You can even download a sample for yourself!
  • To support the use of the Readtopia curriculum, over 80 fun words have been added to WordPower 42 and 60 Basic files
  • "Imagine" has been added as a new category, giving you access to words like magic, dream, ghost, witch, monster and more.
  • Another favorite is the character trait page, which is also linked in the reading page and provides great words for describing!
  • LessonPix is also providing many support boards for Readtopia. Visit
  • The AAC Language Lab will also be offering smart charts, or symbol sequences, to assist in locating vocabulary found in the Readtopia curriculum.

To learn more about the 2.27 Update and the vocabulary updates you may have missed in 2.25 & 2.6, don't forget to check out our What's New video!