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TouchChat® Releases 2.26.0 Software Update

Jul 28, 2020 in General

Support for iOS 9 & 10 has been discontinued
As technology advances rapidly, it is increasingly difficult to ensure compatibility  with out-of-date iOS versions. In order to provide our iOS customers with the best TouchChat app experience, we’ve decided to discontinue support for iOS 9 & iOS 10. Read more here.

Scanning has been added as a standard feature available within the application
Use the Switch Setup Wizard to connect one or two switches. Settings within the app are compatible with the new AeroSwitch™ from PRC-Saltillo via Bluetooth connection and can be used with or without the ChatWrap™.

A button action for texting has been added, allowing you to program a button to open the iMessage texting

The SymbolStix® library has been updated to provide the option to change skin tones within a vocabulary
Allows you to change the skin tone of all the images at once to better represent a person's uniqueness. These changes are applied to the entire file through Settings.

PRC-Saltillo has partnered with TheVoiceKeeper to provide integration of a custom voice within TouchChat
Available to integrate into your TouchChat app for $75, TheVoiceKeeper is easy to use and record voices using your iPad. The more recordings you provide, the better the voice will be.

Several new children's voices available in TouchChat Hebrew

Minor updates to WordPower™ English and Español include a few word additions and programming corrections

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