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Update to TouchChat Software 2.31 for the Latest Features!

Jun 07, 2021 in General

TouchChat® offers several new features with update 2.31, but first let’s review update 2.30.1 which was released shortly after update 2.30. Check out all the features below and be sure to watch the video for more information!

Update 2.30.1
Added the ability to use a USB to save and transfer customized vocabulary files (see video for details and how to transfer)

  • To use this feature, you will need a USB drive and possibly and adapter depending on your connection ability
  • Requires iPad with iOS 13 or higher and TouchChat version 2.30.1 or higher

Update 2.31

Activity Indicator added to the “import from files” option; you will see this indicator when you have a large file (may not see with a small file). This is a helpful reminder to wait while the process completes

ChatEditor™ no longer requires the use of the Import Folder to transfer files to your Editor

WordPower Español  Basico – Added ability to say “My favorite food is ____” to all food groups

WordPower80 – a next logical word has “-line” has been added so you can say “online”. The word “cute” has also been added to the first Describe page. 

Whiteboard feature incorporated into the School pages of all TouchChat WordPower files (see video for details and how to use)