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Updates Abound in 2.28 TouchChat® HD with WordPower™ App Software Update!

Nov 23, 2020 in General

The 2.28 TouchChat App software release is here, and it's full of awesome new features, bug fixes and vocabulary updates you'll love. Check out our video for more details! 

What Else is New with 2.28?


  • PCS Symbols added as an in-app purchase
  • Added a pause/resume speech button action for TTS or recorded speech
  • Added support for split screen
  • Added Apple voices to voice listing and made it easier to add different languages without switching the language of the device
  • Updated the Almagu TTS
  • Renamed Audio Actions to better distinguish appropriate button actions
  • French Grammar Database
  • “Save profile” will now expand to show all profiles
  • Added SS to the end of current SymboStix® vocabulary files

 Bug Fixes:

  • Corrected grammar rules that weren’t working
  • Removed extra white space at the bottom of the pronunciation menu
  • Improved Saltillo registration screen
  • Setting a new home page now takes effect immediately
  • Fixed crashing problems with the VoiceKeeper/Almagu TTS
  • Fixed issues with word prediction not working
  • Removed “settings have moved” message from all apps in the iOS settings
  • Made enhancements to word finder in split view
  • Made several corrections to the app caused by split view
  • Corrected various whiteboard issues
  • Fixed issues w/Highlight touch
  • Using swipe on system keyboard will no longer crash the app

Vocabulary Updates:

  • Added a BRAND NEW French WordPower 120 File
  • Communication Journey Aphasia files added whiteboard pages


  • Added “I Spy…” “something (SOCIAL) to all English files, except WP20 Simply
  • Added “Veo algo…” (FRASES) to all Spanish files
  • Added “safari” to English files except WP20 Simply and WP25
  • Added “fun” to “My day was…” on SOCIAL page
  • Added “¡Me divertí!” and “¡Nos divertimos!” to the Spanish “Hoy me fue” pages
  • WP60 Basic & Higher - Added all of the ‘character traits’ adjectives to the ADJ A-Z pages
  • All WordPower files - Changed date from 2020 to 2021