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  • Preschool Teacher

    "Love this app. I'm still in the early learning stages, but it's very easy to use so far!! My preschoolers, verbal and non-verbal, love it too!!" - Brandi Edwards

  • TouchChat Trial

    "THANK YOU TouchChat!!! I am happy to report that my daughter, Kate, has begun her 3 week trial* of an iPad® with the TouchChat app. It was so exciting to see engaged and so focused as she learned how to adapt her touch as we selected her choice of symbols and picture over the week-end. I was amazed at how easy it was to program and customize. I am also thrilled that her staff is so willing to work with her to use this cool piece of technology that could be the answer to our prayers, and a more "universal" way for Kate to successfully and more accurately communicate with everyone!!" - Deborah Dionne

    *Note:  Trials are not available through Saltillo.  Check our list of Partners for possible trial availability.

  • Mom in Canada

    "You have no idea how touch chat has increased my sons communication. He has had an AAC device for 8 years but an iPad® with touch chat for the last 2. While it was great before with the other device, he does so much better with this."- Caroline Parker

  • Emily's mom

    "Yay! TouchChat is officially on Emily's iPad®. Let the speaking begin! Tonight we had it on guided access, so all she could do was explore the speech app. She wanted to listen to her music on iTunes®, and she wasn't too happy about it, but this is more important for now. I love that 'Whatever!', 'I'm so over it!', and 'Are you kidding me?' are things she can now say if she wants! She didn't want me to take her voice away from her at bedtime, but it has to charge sometime! I thought that was pretty cool... How would YOU feel if someone took away your voice at bedtime? Anyway, I can't wait to see how this goes!!"- Becky Brown

  • Mother of a Brand New TouchChat User

    "My son just said 'I really really really love you dad'.  We just downloaded TouchChat HD with Word Power today after using a paper version at school for a month or so. I have no idea how to set this program up yet, we have only had it for a few hours now but I am already feeling like it was worth every penny. Thank you for developing such an amazing app. Now my son has a voice!"- Shelly Jones