• Mummy of a TouchChat User

    "I'm so excited!!!! I'm currently installing the TouchChat Windows Editor Software. Thank you so much for going out of your way to ensure it arrived all the way down in Oz. You have made this Mummy - and soon one amazing little boy who doesn't have clear speech - very happy! I have to say that I rate TouchChat 5 stars on customer service! Thank you so very much!"- Melinda McFadden, Mummy of a TouchChat User

  • Mother of an AAC User

    "My 8 year old daughter does not 'get' some other AAC apps at all. To her it is confusing and takes ALOT of moving through the app to communicate even a small request, comment, etc. TouchChat seems so much easier as well as it seems to promotes complete sentence structure which really helps with the intent of the communication more so than other AAC apps."- Teresa Eberhart, Mother of an AAC user

  • TouchChat User

    "I never wanted a device before, but this is good. This helps with (my) advocacy work. (It) helps me help others recover (from) stroke. It helps me communicate clear(ly)."- David Adams, stroke survivor and patient advocate

  • Graduate Student Clinician Speech-Language Pathology

    "The Touch Chat with Word Power is a great application for my clients with AAC needs. It is easy to program for both professionals and caregivers. The predictive text feature has been invaluable for my adult client with aphasia and apraxia of speech. This feature allows him to cue himself, and helps with the problem of "losing" a word before he completes it". -Amanda Godbee, graduate student clinician Speech-Language Pathology