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How to buy TouchChat

Download .pdf

In order to purchase the application for the devices, you will need iTunes® installed on the computer, along with a valid ID to log into the iTunes® store, for purchasing the applications.

  1. open iTunes® on the computer
  2. log in with the ID you created for iTunes®
  3. go to the iTunes® Store listed on the left side of iTunes®
  4. once in the iTunes® Store, go to the Search box on the upper right side
  5. type in TouchChat - AAC and hit enter

There are various applications of TouchChat. TouchChat was intended to be used for either the iPod® or iPhone®. TouchChat-HD was developed for iPad®, intending to take advantage of the entire iPad® screen.

How to install TouchChat / TouchChatHD on the Apple® devices

After the app has been purchased, it will show in the apps section of iTunes®

Once the application is there, connect the device to the PC. It will show under Devices

Now that the device is connected, click on the device and go to the apps section of the device.

Make sure that the Sync Apps box is checked and then check the box for the app you wish to sync to the device, like the TouchChat app. Once you have made your choice, then click on the sync button in the bottom right of the screen.

The device will display the message “Sync in Progress” which means that the apps you checked will be installing on it. Once it is done, iTunes® will say “ that the sync is complete. Ok to disconnect.” In the message area at the top.

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