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How to share to Facebook using TouchChat

Download .pdf

TouchChat has an option to share ideas/sentences to Facebook

  1. Exit TouchChat
  2. Tap on Settings on the iOS homepage
  3. Scroll down to Facebook and tap on it
  4. Input User name and password in the appropriate areas
  5. Tap Sign in
  6. Tap Sign in on the Facebook box
  7. Tap Later on the Install Facebook pop-up
  8. Exit the iOS settings
  9. Tap on TouchChat
  10. Tap on Menu->Settings
  11. Scroll down To Social Networking
  12. Make sure that it is turned on and tap done
  13. Create a sentence in the SDB that you wish to share
  14. Press and hold on the SDB
  15. Tap Share
  16. Tap Facebook
  17. Make sure that the sentence you wish to share in in the pop up box and tap post
  18. The text will now be posted to your wall in Facebook


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