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Purchasing a TouchChat Support Plan

Download .pdf

How to purchase a TouchChat Support Plan
 (this process needs to be completed on a PC)

1. Go to http://touchchatapp.com/
2. Click on Log in
3. Click on Create Account
4. Enter in all the fields and click Save
   a. Once the account is complete, go to the email address you entered to verify     the account
5. Once account is verified, go to https://touchchatapp.com/login
   a. Log in with the account information you created
   b. Scroll down and checkmark I understand and accept the terms and conditions
   c. Checkmark I have read, understand and accept Saltillo’s Privacy Policy
   d. Click on Accept terms and conditions
6. Click on Purchase a Support Plan
7. Click on I need to purchase a plan
8. Click on the plan you wish to purchase
   a. Click on Purchase Selected Plan
9. Make sure billing information is correct and click on Next
10. Enter in payment information and click Submit payment
11. You will receive an email of what plan you
   a. If phone support , get phone number
12. You will then go to a “Thanks for your purchase of the support plan. “ page with your confirmation number
13. Click on support page link to begin support

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