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Using TouchChat with Social Networks

Download .pdf

Requires Software Version 1.1.0


Running TouchChat on the iPad®, iPod®, and iPhone® is providing new opportunities. Text generated with TouchChat pages can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or iMessage and email. It’s simple too!

Make sure a wireless network connection is established and accounts for the preferred Social Network are set up.

Go into the TouchChat app and generate the text you wish to put on the social network.

Press and hold on the Speech display bar until the option of Share or copy appears

Share Button

Choose the social network you wish to send the text to. After Share, if you hit the More button, you will have more choices.

Choose Social Network


Set up your email account in Settings -> Mail,Contacts, Calendars on your device to use that option








We understand that not everyone will benefit from these features and it may need turned Off to eliminate confusion. To turn the Social Networking capability On or Off, go to TouchChat settings in the Social Networking section.

If there are other applications that you wish to use as a social outlet, TouchChat gives you the capability to do so.


With the Copy and Paste setting turned on in settings, when you press and hold on the speech display bar, you have the option to copy what is in the bar. This actually copies the speech display bar to the system clipboard, which makes it easy for you to paste it into any application that is loaded on your Apple® device.



If you have a sentence or any text in another application that you would like spoken, just copy it from the other application and paste it into the speech display bar. To do this, press and hold the speech display bar and the Paste option should appear, choosing it will Paste text from the system clipboard to the Speech Display Bar and it can now be spoken.


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