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Suggested Settings - WordPower 24 for TouchChat

Download .pdf

After working with WordPower 24 for TouchChat for a couple of months, we like this configuration of settings. Obviously, these settings might not work for everyone but try them out and see what you think.

  • Page animation: Off
  • Button Click sound: On
  • Gesture Pop sound: On

Speech Display Bar

  • Allow Editing: On
  • Add Auto Space: On
  • Font: Arial
  • Font Size: 22 for TouchChat, 42 for TouchChat HD
  • Single Line: Off
  • Number of Lines: 2 Lines for TouchChat, 3 Lines for TouchChat HD
  • Tap Action: Speak

Expanded Speech Area

  • Font: Arial
  • Font Size: 50 TouchChat, 80 TouchChat HD


  • Speak Characters: Off
  • Speak Words: On
  • Speak Sentences: On
  • Auto Clear: Off


  • Preferred Orientation: Portrait
  • Action: Expand and Speak

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