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Creating a new blank Vocabulary File

Download .pdf

Besides using the default vocabulary files, you can create your own.
• Go into the TouchChat configuration
• Click on Library
• click on New Vocab
• Click continue on the Vocab file explanation box
• Give the vocabulary file a descriptive name, enter this name in the Name box. By default, the new vocabulary file will be named “Untitled Vocabulary File”.
• Click the Create button.
• Name the first page you wish to create and adjust the rows and columns for that page
• Click Create

The new vocabulary file will be added to your library. Chat Editor automatically saves your vocabulary files. Once you have created pages for your file you will need to set a Home Page by:

• Going into Edit Mode
• Click on pages at the top
• Highlight the page you want to set as the Home Page for your Vocab file
• click on the page
• Set as Home page

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