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Exporting Vocabulary Files from the TouchChat Device to Chat Editor using iShare

Download .pdf

Transferring files between the Touchchat device and the Chat Editor using iShare requires an internet connection and an iShare subscription.

• connect your computer to the internet
• log into your iShare account, www.ishareservices.com
• turn the TouchChat device on
• go to Vocab menu on the TouchChat device
• choose Choose New Vocab
• choose Menu
• choose iShare Service
• choose either My Files or Public Files
• browse using the All Categories or the + button and select the file you wish to Upload
• When using the + button you will need to type a short Name, Description, and Keywords for the file. Then press the Upload button
• when using All categories just select the file to transfer, scroll to the bottom of the screen and press Download
• press OK on the Upload Complete box that appears on the TouchChat device screen
• search the categories on the iShare site to find your uploaded file. If you don’t see it you may have to tap the windows refresh button to complete the transfer to the iShare site.
• click on the green arrow that corresponds to your file to download it to your computer
• Click Save on the file Download box that appears
• a Save As box appears (Internet Explorer). Use the Browse to open the Import folder of the Chat Editor program, then click save. (When using Windows XP, the path is C:\Documents and Settings\"User”\Application Data\Chat Editor\Import. If using Windows Vista or Windows 7, the path is C:\Users"User”\AppData\Roaming\Chat Editor\Import.). A progress bat will show the download.
• Open the Chat Editor program on the PC
• an Import File progress box will appear showing the file importing
• when the import is finished, Click on Library on the Chat Editor
• Click on My resources
• Click on the newly imported vocab file and choose open

NOTE: The Application Data folder (for Windows XP) or the App Data Folder (for Windows Vista/ 7) might be hidden. To make them visible, you will have to go to the control panel and choose folder options. Then choose the View tab, and under Advance settings-> Hidden files and folders put the dot in Show hidden files and folders. Then click OK. That should make them appear for you to choose.

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