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How to Create Buttonsets

Download .pdf

• Open Chat Editor
• Go to where you wish the buttonset to be placed
• Place the Chat Editor into Edit Mode
• Right click on the where you want the buttonset
• Choose Create ButtonSet

• Name the buttonset in the Name Box
• Apple a symbol to all buttons in the buttonset if you wish
• From the modifier drop down menu, choose which modifier you wish to use
• After a modifier has been chosen, click New
• This will open a box that is the same as when you create/edit a button
• Adjust/create the button as you see fit and tap Add
• It will bring you back to the Button Set properties area.
• You will notice that in the Modifiers area, the button will show

• You can continue to create buttons for this set
• After you are done, click on OK at the top
• Now, the buttonset will be in the area you created. If you see nothing but squares in that area, you forgot to create a button for the None section in the modifiers drop down. Just right click on that area, edit buttonset, when choose None in the modifiers section, and New. Adjust it according to what you want and tap Add then OK.
• Now that the buttonset is complete, you will have to create buttons surrounding it that “modify” the buttonset.
• Create a button on an area you see fit
• Click on the actions tap
• Click on the down arrow and choose Apply Modifier, then click Add
• Highlight the appropriate modifier that adjusts your buttonset, then tap OK
• Then click Add
• When you tap on a button with a modifier in the action setting, it will “adjust” the buttonset


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