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Modifying the way a button speaks

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The way a button speaks can be modified by simply editing the button action or changing the settings. The following is a listing of the speaking button actions that are available:

Speech Message = speaks whatever text is in the message box and adds it to the display
Speak Message Only = speaks whatever text is in the message box (does not add it to the display)
Speak Label Only = speaks whatever text is in the label box (does not add it to the display)
Add message to Display = adds text in the message box to the display (doesn’t speak it)
Play Audio = plays whatever recorded message has been assigned to the button
Speak = this will speak all text that exists on the display and in the display buffer
Speak last = repeats the last thing spoken

All of these actions are dependent on the Speech Settings. There is an over-all Speech On/Off setting in the Settings Menu. To turn all speech on or off:

• choose Settings
• Choose Speech Output
• check or uncheck Speech off setting to match your current needs

More specific Speech settings determine when individual characters, words, or sentences are spoken. These are modified by:

• Choose Settings
• Choose Speech Output
• Check or uncheck any of the speech settings to match your current needs

To modify a button’s speech action:

• Click to Edit mode
• right click on the button to open the menu
• choose Edit Button option. A button properties screen will appear.
• choose the Actions tab. The button action properties will appear.
• choose the Remove button to remove the currently set action (if any).
• choose the appropriate speak action from the drop-down action list.
• click the Add button next to the action list. The action will appear in the preview slot.
• click the Ok button.

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