Backing up TouchChat to iCloud

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To make sure your TouchChat app is backing up to iCloud:

  •  Tap on the device settings.
  •  Tap on "Your name".
  •  Tap on iCloud.
  •  Scroll down and make sure iCloud backup is enabled.
  •  Go back 1 screen and tap Manage Storage.
  •  Tap Backups.
  •  Tap your device.
  •  Scroll down and make sure TC is enabled.

Backing up should save all custom vocabulary files and user's settings and profiles.

Note:  Voices and original vocabulary files are not backed up. This includes files downloaded from the Upgrade Store. After a restore, purchased original vocabulary will be listed but will not open, so the user will need to re-download all purchased vocabulary files and voices from the upgrade store.

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