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Downloading the Primary vocab file & uploading into TouchChat using iShare

Download .pdf

  1. Download the Primary file from the TouchChat website & save your vocab file to your computer (remember where you save it to)
  2. Open your internet browser on the computer and go to www.ishareservices.com
  3. Log into your ishare account. If you do not have an account, go ahead and register for one.
  4. From the ishare account screen, click on Add File at the left of the screen
  5. Enter the information that is needed, i.e. name, revision, description, keywords.
  6. Select which category you wish for your vocab file to be associated with
  7. Select which type of file your vocab will be. This will make your file private, public or a group file.
  8. Click on the Browse button, find the Primary vocab file you saved, then click Open and Submit
  9. This will bring you back to the browse file area, in which you should see your file listed
  10. Connect your iPad to the computer using the USB cable
  11. On your iPad, tap vocab- Choose New Vocab
  12. Tap the Menu button in the right hand corner
  13. Choose the iShare Service button
  14. Log in using the ishare account you set up earlier
  15. Choose the My Files folder and find the vocab file in the category where you placed it
  16. After choosing the file, in the file details screen, tap on the download button on the bottom left
    the “Download complete OK” screen should appear
  17. Tap on the arrow on the top left of the screen until you see a Done square and tap it
  18. This will take you back to the Vocab File screen, where your vocab file is listed.
  19. Choose your vocab file

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