Exporting/Importing to/from Google Drive

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** Requires Google Drive set up on the device and access to Wi-Fi.

Export to Google Drive
1. In TouchChat, select 'Vocab' and 'Choose New Vocab'
2. Select 'Menu' and 'Import/Export Vocab'
3. Select 'Export and Share'
4. Select the vocabulary file you want to export
5. Select 'Done' and select 'Google Drive'

Import from Google Drive to TouchChat
1. On the iPad open Google Drive
2. Tap on the three dots by the file you want to import in to TouchChat
3. Tap on 'Open In'
4. Tap TouchChat
5. Tap on 'yes' to import the file.
6. Tap on 'yes' if it asks to overwrite the existing file (if it is the same name)


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