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How to Transfer a Vocab File Using AirDrop®

Download .pdf

To transfer vocabulary files, both devices needs one of the following devices with iOS 7:

  • iPhone® 5 or Later
  • iPad® 4th generation
  • iPad mini™
  • iPod touch® 5th Generation
  • iPad Air®

Also, Wifi and Bluetooth will need to be turned on, and both devices need to remain awake. The distance that the file will transfer using Airdrop depends on the environment. 

To turn on AirDrop:

  • Swipe the bottom of the screen to bring up the Control Center
  • Press and hold in the box that contains the icons for AirDrop, Wi-fi, Bluetooth, and Airplan Mode
  • Tap AirDrop
  • Choose one of the options:
    • Off: which turns AirDrop off
    • Contacts Only: Makes the device only visible to your contacts
    • Everyone: Makes your device visible to everyone that has AirDrop turned on

Sending the file in TouchChat using Airdrop:

  • Tap Vocab->Choose New Vocab
  • Tap Menu->Import/Export Vocab
  • Tap Export and Share
  • Choose the vocab file you wish to Export
  • Make sure the name is correct and tap Done
  • TouchChat will prepare the file to be transferred
  • A menu will appear at the top of the screen with the people that you can share the file with
  • Tap the user to send the file to
  • The receiving user will get a message asking if you want to accept or decline the transfer
  • After accepting the transfer, the file will start the send.

Receiving the file using Airdrop®:

  • After the file is done transferring, tap Yes to import the vocabulary file
  • Name the file accordingly, then tap Save
  • Once the file is done importing, tap Vocab->Choose New Vocab
  • Find the file you just transferred and open 


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