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How to transfer vocabulary files from an iPod® / iPad® with TouchChat to ChatPC-Silk or Alt-Chat

Download .pdf


  1. Transfer the file from the Apple® device to iShare using your iShare account
    1. Log into your iShare account from the device
    2. Go into the My Files folder

      My Files

    3. In the upper right corner of the category bar, tap on the “+” symbol

      Plus Symbol

    4. Select the file you want to upload to iShare
    5. Fill in all the fields listed and tap the upload button in the top right

      Upload Button

    6. Once it is done, it will say download complete and loaded into iShare
  2. Go to the PC and log into your iShare account (www.ishareservices.com)
  3. Once logged in, navigate to the file that you uploaded from the apple device
  4. When the file is found, click on the down arrow located to the right of the vocab file.

    Download Arrow

  5. Windows will ask where you would like to save the file and what name, place the file in the Import folder of TouchChat Windows Editor that is located on the desktop.

    Import Folder

  6. After importing the file into TouchChat Windows Editor, export the file using Export to ChatPC

    Export to File

  7. Save the file into the import folder for DesktopChat SE. The location of the import folder varies:
    1. For XP users : My computer -> C drive (local drive) -> Documents and Settings -> Users -> Login ID -> Application Data -> Saltillo Corporation -> DesktopChat SE -> Import
    2. For Vista/Windows 7 users: Start -> Computer -> C drive (local drive) -> Users -> Login ID -> AppData -> Roaming ->Saltillo Corporation -> DesktopChat SE -> Import
  8. With the file now imported into DesktopChat SE, export the file from DesktopChat SE to the device.

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