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Transferring a Vocab file from TouchChat to Chat Editor using Dropbox

Download .pdf

  1. Tap vocab- choose new vocab
  2. Tap menu- import/export vocab
  3. Export to DropBox
  4. Select vocab and tap upload
  5. Sign in to dropbox
  6. Allow TouchChat to access your Dropbox (it will create a folder called TouchChat HD WordPower under the Apps folder)
  7. Tap Okay
  8. Open DropBox on the computer, click on the Apps folder and go into the TouchChat HD WordPower folder
  9. Copy the vocab file you just exported and paste it in the Chat Editor Import folder that is on your desktop.
  10. Open Chat Editor, wait a minute or so for it to import, then click on Library- My Resources and click on your file to open it.

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