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Transferring a Vocabulary file from TouchChat to NovaChat using iTunes®

Download .pdf

First, export the file from your iPad® / iPod® to Chat Editor.

To Export:

  • Connect the device to the PC
  • Open iTunes®
  • On the device, go to the Vocab File section and tap on Menu in the top right
  • Tap Import/Export Vocab then Export to iTunes®.
  • Choose the Vocab File you wish to export
  • Name the file that you are exporting and tap Save
  • In iTunes® on the PC, Tap on the device and go to the File Sharing section
  • Scroll down until you see TouchChat in the File Sharing area and select it
  • You should see the vocab file that you are exporting in the list.Clilck on the file and click the Save To Button (bottom right)
  • A Windows save box will appear. Select the folder where you want the file to be saved

To place the file into Chat Editor, there is an import folder located on the desktop of your PC. It was placed there when the program was installed.

NOTE: If it is not there, you can browse to the import folder depending on the version of Windows you are using:

XP users : My computer > C drive (local drive) > Documents and Settings > Users > Login ID > Application Data > Chat Editor > Import
Vista/Windows 7: Start > Computer > C drive (local drive) > Users > Login ID > AppData > Roaming >Chat Editor > Import

To import into Chat Editor:
• Open Chat Editor
• Choose the configuration that you want to use for this file or create a new configuration
• The vocab file should start importing automatically after a few minutes

Now, you will need to transfer the vocabulary from the Chat Editor to your Nova Chat device:

• Attach your Nova Chat device to your PC using a USB cable. Upon connecting, you will see a screen that says "Transfer Mode" (if you are using the Nova 7x,7NXNC, 8.1, 5.2 or 10s), a screen that has a "Mount" button (Nova 7), or a screen that says "Connect Storage to PC" (Nova 5). If your screen says "Mount" or "Connect to Storage", you will need to press that button.
• In Chat Editor, choose Library from the menu, choose Transfer, then choose Vocabs To/From Device
• From the transfer screen, check the vocab file or files you wish to transfer from the Chat editor to the NOVA chat device and click on To Device button
• The name of the file should display in the Device Files listing when complete
• Tap done in Editor and then unplug the USB cable from your device (Nova 7x,7NXNC, 8.1, 5.2 or 10s). If you have a Nova Chat 7, you must tap "Turn Off" before disconnecting the USB cable. If you have a Nova Chat 5, tap "Disconnect Storage from PC".

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