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WordPower 24 SS

Download .pdf

WordPower 24 uses high-frequency core words to facilitate quick and easy sentence generation. It also includes nouns and adjectives that are organized in logical categories. All grammatical word classes have been included. As a sentence is being built, you often find that the next word you want to say can be spoken with one or two button presses. “Grammar” keys are used to provide morphological endings to verbs, nouns and adjectives. A spelling/word prediction page is used to spell words that are not included as separate buttons on the pages. Being a word-based vocabulary, this page set can be used by a wide age group. Nouns, adjectives and verbs can be added and customized to meet the particular needs of the individual.

Download WordPower 24 SS

NOTE: The version of your app must be licensed to use WordPower. If it is not licensed, you will not be able to open the file.

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