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Analyzing Language Development

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You can use the data logging capabilities of your device to collect information on a person’s language development. Then you can upload that information to the Realize Language™ website.

This process allows you to monitor, measure and maximize the person's use of the device.

Using the Realize Language Website
Realize Language is a subscription-based online service that organizes and analyzes information and presents the results in easy-to-understand graphic formats that provides valuable insights into each person's language development. Using this service from your computer, you can

• Track the person’s progress and communication development over time
• Compare different aspects of communication automatically
• Create a detailed summary of performance
• Share information with others
• Quickly create reports that anyone can understand

To learn more, go to the Realize Language website: https://realizelanguage.com/info/

To view or download the Realize Language Starter’s Guide, go to

If you have a problem with the Realize Language website, email support@realizelanguage.com

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