Lock Screen Orientation

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There are some people that prefer the screen be consistent regardless of the orientation. The screen orientation can be locked by choosing an Apple® function or by choosing a TouchChat setting.

The iPad® prior to version 4.2 has a switch on the side to activate the lock. The smaller devices and iPad® 4.2 and higher use a soft switch access by double tapping the home button and then swiping right on the task bar. Tap on the circle arrow icon on the left to lock the orientation.

  • iPhone® 4
  • iPhone® 3Gs
  • iPod® 4th Gen
  • iPod® 3rd Gen 32 and 64 Gig

To use the Touchchat screen orientation lock option:

  1. go into TouchChat settings, (toward the bottom of the settings page)
  2. scroll to “tilt” section
  3. choose “No Action”

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