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Update to Chat Editor 2.20.0

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Ability to support different devices (Nova Chat, Chat Fusion, TouchChat) on one Chat Editor

Update to Chat Editor:

• Download the Chat Editor software from http://touchchatapp.com/support/software-updates
• After downloading, double click on the installer to start the process
• A Select Setup Language box will appear for the new Chat Editor
• Select appropriate language and choose OK
• On the Setup – Chat Editor screen click Next
• Once you’ve read and agree to the License Agreement, place the button by the “I accept the agreement” and click Next
• On the ready to install screen, click Install
• Once the installation is complete, click Finish

There will be two new shortcuts on your desktop, one for the Chat Editor , and one for its Import folder.

To open Chat Editor, double click the short cut for the Chat Editor application.

Create a configuration that matches device
Chat Editor will support various configurations of systems. If you support multiple devices you will want to create configurations to match each devices configuration. I.e. Susan might use a NOVA chat with English and Spanish vocabulary files with both PCS and SymbolStix images and Holly might use TouchChat with SymbolStix only.

• Choose OK when asked to Create New Configuration
• Choose the device being used and OK
• Choose options that match that specific device and OK
• Give the configuration a name, e.g. "Susan’s device"
• If you are supporting just one device, check the box prior to “Skip future selections and use this as default”.

To change the configuration when ChatEditor is already running:
• choose Settings>Configuration>Switch Configuration, choose the appropriate configuration or choose to Create a New Configuration.


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