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Revised March 8, 2024. The following message is for those who frequently use one of our CLASSIC TouchChat® apps.

PRC-Saltillo’s three Classic TouchChat® iOS apps (Classic TouchChat with WordPower®, Classic TouchChat, and Classic TouchChat Lite) will be removed from the App Store® in early May 2024.

Classic TouchChat Apps are Retiring

Classic TouchChat apps were the original apps released more than a decade ago for the iOS technology available at that time. Technology has advanced rapidly in the past 10 years. It’s no longer sustainable to bring you the best possible app experience for your communication goals with these older apps.

We invite you to explore our high-definition apps TouchChat HD with WordPower and TouchChat HD:

  • Continued software updates for new features and increased performance
  • English, Spanish, and Canadian French options within one app
  • Universal apps supporting iPhone®, iPod®, and iPad®
  • Variety of access methods in the app including integrated head tracking (with applicable iPad/iPhone models), configurable switch scanning, and a range of touch access features

How do you know which TouchChat app you have? Look at your device’s home screen where all app icons are located. Classic TouchChat app icons have pink or purple backgrounds as shown below.

TouchChat Logos

Your TouchChat App Options

We are sending this notification in advance of the Classic TouchChat app retirement to help you decide your next step.

If you choose to keep using your Classic TouchChat app…

  • You can continue to use your Classic TouchChat app as usual after they are removed from the App Store in May 2024
  • However, there will be no further updates to your Classic app
  • You will NOT be able to download or re-install your app on your current iOS device
  • You will NOT be able to download or install it on a future iOS device

If you choose to switch to a TouchChat HD app…

  • Your Classic TouchChat app vocabulary files may be transferred to a TouchChat HD app (here’s how)

TouchChat App Questions

For more information about this upcoming change, or if you have any questions, please reach out to the iOS app team at