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TouchChat Webinars

TouchChat Overview Webinar

Download Video: MP4

Vocabulary File Overview

Download Video: MP4

This video gives an overview of the vocabulary page sets that come standard within TouchChat and also those available as in-app purchases within TouchChat.

Customizing TouchChat: Parts 1 & 2

This one hour training will step you through the TouchChat settings menu, show you how to set up abbreviations, change pronunciations, find the version, share with Social Chat and use the new Word Finder feature. You will also learn how to choose and copy a vocab so that it can be modified, import pictures from your computer, edit buttons, access the help menu and make in-app purchases for additional vocabularies.
This one hour training will take you through creating, duplicating and importing pages and editing page layouts. You will learn how to create gestures and add different button functions such as navigate, visit, and play audio files. Transferring vocabulary files using AirDrop, iTunes, and iShare will also be examined.
Please see the list of supported browsers for our videos.


New to TouchChat- Part 1:

Are you new to TouchChat? Let us help you get up and running with a 3-part mini-series! This half hour class will explore the history of TouchChat by Saltillo. Participants will be provided with a brief overview of two vocabulary options: MultiChat 15 and WordPower. This session will set you up for basic customizing in Part 2 of the series and includes how to copy of a vocabulary file for customizing and adjusting the voice settings to personalize for your individual. You will be introduced to a “Making it Personal” handout to plan out customizations demonstrated in Part 2. Be sure to join us for all three sessions to maximize your potential with TouchChat!

New to TouchChat- Part 2:

Let us help you continue your journey with TouchChat! Part one set you up to personalize your app. Part two of this series will step you through basic customizing of buttons by editing buttons in the Personal Page, creating a new page, and then linking to a button in your vocabulary file. During this session, we will discuss basic AAC modeling concepts to get you started with your person using TouchChat. Participants will explore ideas of what and where to model, as well as, how you can model 1-2 words while reading a book. You are on your way now! Join us for part 3 of the series to learn about additional resources to maximize your potential with TouchChat.

New to TouchChat- Part 3:

Let’s continue the journey with TouchChat with Part 3 of 3! This session will step you through updating your TouchChat app with a new release. In sessions 1 and 2, you learned how to customize TouchChat. You will want to make sure to back up your work. Participants will learn about options to back up and transfer custom vocabulary files. We will continue the journey by exploring TouchChat supports and implementation resources to keep you moving forward and maximizing potential with TouchChat!