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Video Tutorials

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TouchChat® Tutorials

Thumbnail image for video titled 'TouchChat: Start Your Engines!'

TouchChat: Start Your Engines!

Looking for help with getting started with your TouchChat app? This video will walk you through the basics of copying a vocabulary file, picking a voice, editing a button, backing up your vocabulary file, updating your app, and sharing some great online resources. Download the handouts linked below. PRC-Saltillo AAC Apps First Steps -- Making it Personal Planner --
Thumbnail image for video titled 'TouchChat Introduction'

TouchChat Introduction

This is a brief introduction to the TouchChat Application.
Thumbnail image for video titled 'Settings'


This video shows how to change various TouchChat settings, such as Navigation, Page Size, Editing, Voices, Speech Rate, Speech Display Bar, Button Release Times, Social Networking, etc.
Thumbnail image for video titled 'Editing Buttons'

Editing Buttons

This video shows how to copy a vocabulary, edit buttons by changing text and pictures, add buttons, drag and drop buttons, etc.
Thumbnail image for video titled 'Social Chat'

Social Chat

This video shows how to share text generated with TouchChat to Facebook, Twitter and Email. It also demonstrates how to copy and paste text to/from TouchChat and other applications.
Thumbnail image for video titled 'In-App Purchases Including News-2-You And Unique'

In-App Purchases Including News-2-You And Unique

This video shows how to make an in-app purchase within TouchChat and gives an overview of the News-2-You & Unique pages that are currently available as in-app purchases.