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TouchChat Partner Application

If you are interested in becoming a TouchChat Partner, please complete the application below. Please note that the program is not currently available to students OR anyone residing in the UK and European Union countries.

(not available to those in the UK and countries w/in the EU)

 I Need the Arabic version

 I would like to receive the PRC-Saltillo newsletter

I have completed the online TouchChat Partner training

(PDFs only)

I have completed a TouchChat training with a PRC-Saltillo consultant

  • I agree that the information provided above is true and accurate.
  • I am a clinician/professional
  • I agree that I will use the TouchChat Application in a professional capacity with clients to perform therapy, evaluations, or modeling only. I will not transfer this code to another individual or organization.
  • The promo code may be installed to the App Store account of the professional who has completed this application and fulfilled the training requirements. It is not for use by a specific student in a school or everyday end-user communication use.
  • I understand that the information I provided above is being provided to enroll me in the TouchChat Partner Program, will be held by PRC-Saltillo within the United States, and will be used to administer the TouchChat Partner Program. I have read and agree to the PRC-Saltillo website Terms of Use and have reviewed the PRC-Saltillo Privacy Policy.
 I agree to the above