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Thanks for your interest in TouchChat! The TouchChat Partner Program was designed to provide training and tools to professionals who participate in AAC evaluations and/or support individuals using TouchChat. Once you have completed the prerequisite training, complete the application below. After you apply and have been approved, a redemption code will be sent to the email listed on your application and will be used to upgrade TouchChat Discover to TouchChat HD w/ WordPower. UK and EU professionals must apply on Liberator's website.

**Please note that the program is not currently available to students.

If you have already completed an application and feel a code should have been sent, please DO NOT reapply. Contact

If you feel like a fundable PRC-Saltillo device may better meet your client's needs, you may request a device loan at AAC Funding.

Follow the steps below BEFORE applying for a code.

  1. Download TouchChat Discover to your iOS device running iOS/iPadOS14 or higher. Start a 30-day trial.
  2. Go to AAC Learning Journey and sign up for the TouchChat Partner Program course.
  3. Once the course is completed, complete the application at and attach the training certificate of completion.
  4. A code will be sent within a few weeks. Follow the instructions sent with the code to upgrade your TouchChat Discover app to TouchChat HD w/ WordPower.

Please note: Redeeming your code through a mobile device management (MDM) system is not recommended and may not be compatible.