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You might qualify to get this app on a speech-generating device paid for by insurance!

U.S. residents that lack full verbal communication may qualify to receive a speech-generating iOS device, pre-installed with the TouchChat, and have it partially or fully funded by private insurance, Medicaid or Medicare, or a combination of these. Qualification starts with an AAC evaluation by a licensed Speech Language Pathologist.

All PRC-Saltillo funded devices come with unmatched clinician/family support and training from our experienced national consultant network of speech pathologists, special educators and AAC specialists.

Contact your local PRC-Saltillo consultant for more information.

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Via® Pro: Designed for Communication

The Via Pro iOS speech-generating device offers the familiarity iOS lovers prefer. It’s powerful, easy-to-use and intuitive, right out of the box.

Via Pro with TouchChat on screen
TouchChat on a Via Pro

The Via Pro is:

TouchChat Express

Powered by the iOS operating system, TouchChat Express is a full-featured communication solution for individuals who have difficulty using their natural voice. It combines the familiarity of the TouchChat app with powerful hardware, amplifier and protective ChatWrap case. This device provides a seamless transition for those who know and love iOS technology.

TouchChat on a TouchChat Express