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TouchChat HD AAC and TouchChat HD AAC with WordPower include the Acapela adult suite of voices and Apple voices as default.  Additional voices are available for purchase within the app.

Acapela Voices ($11.99 USD each) + tax* (available in the Upgrade Store)

Child voices

Adult voices

Ella (female American English)

Louise (female Canadian French)

Josh (male American English)

Antoine (male French)

Scott (male US English)

Leila (female Arabic)

Rosie (female British English)

Salma (female Arabic)

Harry (male British English)

Mehdi (male Arabic)

Valeria (female US Bilingual-English)

Nizar (male Arabic)

Valeria (female US Bilingual-Spanish)

Emilio (male US Bilingual-English)

Emilio (male US Bilingual-Spanish)

Olivia (female Australian)

Liam (male Australian)

Elise (female French)

Valentin (male French)

The VoiceKeeper Voices (available for purchase here)

Child voices

Teen voices

Adult voices

Elder voices

Lisa (Caucasian female, English USA)

Kessie (African American female, English USA)

Mia (African American female, English USA)

Isaak (African American male, English USA)

Noah (Caucasian male, English USA)

Abigail (Caucasian female, English USA)

Evelyn (Caucasian female, English USA)

Linda (Caucasian female, English USA)

Oliver (Caucasian male, English England)

Sophia (Caucasian female, English USA)

James (Hispanic male, English USA)

Robert (Caucasian male, English USA)

Elijah (Caucasian male, English USA)

Damien (African American male, English USA)

Logan (Caucasian male, English USA)

William (Caucasian male, English Australia)

Tessa (Black British female, English England)

Olivia (Caucasian female, English England)

Harry (Caucasian male, English England)

Leon (Caucasian male, English England)

VocaliD custom digital voice

A custom voice is available for purchase directly from VocaliD.