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Create A Navigate Or Visit Button

When a button Action is set to Navigate or Visit you can determine what page that button will take you to. Navigate will take you to another page and leave you there while Visit will take you to another page for one selection and immediately return to the previous page.

To link two pages by using a navigate or visit button:

  1. Click on Edit Mode
  2. Right click on a blank "button"
  3. Choose Create New Button or Edit Button
  4. On the General tab type a label, message an image
  5. Select the Actions tab
  6. From the drop down list, choose a navigation action (Navigate, Visit, Navigate back, Navigate to home)
  7. Click the Add button next to the actions drop down list
  8. Choose an Animation Type from the drop down menu that appears, then click OK
  9. Choose the page to navigate to or visit from the listing. 
  10. If your page doesn't yet exist, click on Create New page (skip this step if you already selected a page)
  11. Give the page a unique name and choose the number of rows and columns needed (skip this step if you already selected a page)
  12. Click Create, then Choose (skip this step if you already selected a page)
  13. Click OK when finished

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